– An Ubho Geet is the traditional love song sung by the Chakma youths. It is not permitted to sing in public as they are very particular with chastity and respect of elders. Since an Ubho Geet is full of lascivious words and longing, it is considered obsence and harmful to the tender minds and teen agers. Therefore it was treated unlawful to sing in public or to sing before the elders. The Ubho Geets were generally sung at lonely places in presence of friends in a Rānnyā (abandoned Jum) and jungle or river stream while collecting vegetable or catching fish etc with friends. Before singing an Ubho Geet, the singer had to consider whether there is any elder or any odd relatives like father, mother,uncle, aunt, nephew or niece etc. However, it could be tuned at home in a flute called Bājhee, Or Khenggrang( a harp type instrument made of bamboo chip).
– The meaning of the Ubho Geet are sometime arousing and satiric. It is generally lustful and centres upon longing and union. The geets are composed by the singers. The style of composition in the traditional style where the first line does not necessarily have any meaning or connection with the second line or actual meaning of the song. The first line is only comparison and description of the day to day happenings in the society. It is used to syncronise the second portion of the song in a rhythm.The main theme of an ubho geet lies in the second line or second part of the composition . Which is the typical style of composition of a Chakma song. The geets are still sung by the youths of rural areas. Some typical ubho geets are given below :

– 1. Pāadā kābi ne tin tārā, oh bhon, kengorhi jebe bo bhin pārā?
– -Collected three bundles of plantain leave, Oh cousin, how will you become bride of other villager ?
– 2. Jumo lejāt ne pāgochchyā, kai dhin thebhe bhon bāp mā ghara chāgochchyā ?
– The paracital tree is at the down boundary of the Jhum, For how long you will remain a
– servant at parents home ?
– 3. Lāghā bāndare kwa khādan, oh dādu, bhin pārāllyāi marhe bo chādhan.
– -The hulookas are taking Kwa (a jungle fruit), Oh my cousin brother, other villagers
– have come in search of bride in me.
– 4. Dāru tulhi singorhi, oh bhon, marhe phelhei thebhegoi kengorhi ?
– – Roots are collected for medicine; – Oh sister, how would you live there without me.
– 5. Khelhāk bandare kwa karhat, chāh bhon ! āmha sangi-samāchsyā hoyhon pwa karhat.
– – Monkeys ate up tender shoot of kwa, Look my sister! our friends are now babies on their
– lap.
– 6. khalāk gāburhe keim khārā, choghatthun hāreley deimh pārhā.
– – The youths played bamboo chip game, I feel like seeing when you are lost.
– 7. Bārhā poji tin kulo, eri dha na bārong din mulo.
– -Sieved three sieves of pounded paddy, I cannot livewithout you even for one day.
– 8. Pānhi kheye pahnhattun, nitto na jāi tareh manatthun.
– – Clear water is for drinking, I cannot loss you from my mind.
– 9. Phunhit dilhung kākkyā bān, oh dādu ! āga dharāne kyā ākkhya pāhng ?
– – Bound the comb in bamboo rafter bind, Oh big brother ! Why you are found so evasive
– than earlier ?
– 10. Dāru tulhee chha mhāchsyā, edhak ki hoiyhoch bhon bārgochsyā?
– – Six monthly plant is collected as medicine, What made you so full of gravity ?
– 11. Kujhi rānnyā bhuro ban, oh bhon/dādu gurotthun dhurinei tarhe man.
– – The newly abandoned Jhum has bhuro trees, Oh sister/Big brother ! I choose you
– from childhood.
– 12. Lāmonee kākkyā shan chālei, oh bhon/dadu ! kadhak ānnyohng tarey man pālei.
– – Sun grass is carrying down in bamboo rafter, Oh sister/Big brother I have been
– flirting you how long.
– 13. Shana siyāni pejār dyoch, oh bhon/dādu ! bigidhi kadhālwaii bejār na hoch.
– – The extension is roofed with sunn grass, Oh sister/Big Brother ! don’t get angry
– with the jokes.
– 14. Hāllwa goruye shan tāne, oh bhon ! delhe sabane man kāne.
– – The floughing ox draws sunn grass, Oh sister ! My mind cries on dreaming you.
– 15. Jhābat taley dharang ka, torhe deih udilho manatthun taranga.
– – Caught a dove under a trap, Oh sister, my mind became wavy seeing you.
– 16. Bādol māri ne ka hājhāi, oh bhon ! mui da āganghe ta ājhāi.
– -Catapult is shot to kill dove, Oh sister ! I am waiting hoping you.
– 17. Chharā-chhari dajhar jāi, meye jārādey bajhar jāi.
– – Streams and rivers have tributaries , To deepen a love year passes away.
– 18. Dāru tulhee singorhee, mareh pedhe nai shengharhi.
– – Roots are collected for medicine, You will not get me if you remain so.
– 19. Doiyho mādhā da ghee haba, āh, kalhe kadhā da ki haba ?
– – Ghee is made out of the cream of curd, Oh, what will happen if I speak.
– 20. Subori khilhikkhwat dilhung pān, oh….. udher manatthun nānāghān.
– – – Added pān to the betel roll, my memory is haunting me on many things.
– 21. Sharmhā kurhwarhe ki khut dim, o…udājhi manare ki buch dim.
– – – Which broken grains should I give to the chick rearing hen, How would I calm down the sorrowful mind.
– 22. Sharmhā kurhwabwai na khāi khut, O…. Udājhi manarhe ki dim buch.
– – Chick rearing hen does not take broken grain, how can I blame the sorrowful mind.
– 23. Danā ujoni junhi gel, o.. puroni bhālet din udhi gel.
– – Fire fly went away along the valey, the old prosperous days are no more.
– 24. Madanā tadegar thut jwale, o.. rāngā khādhiye buk jwale.
– – Beak of a female parrot shines, Red breast cloth also shines at the breast.
– 25. Kijing chhini pakkhi gel, O… bharandhi bājārat Lokkhi gel.
– – The bird flew between the hills, Lokkhi went to the crowdful market.
– 26. Chigon murijyā tānanghar, O… delhe swabane kānanghar.
– -Pulling down the small cane, I weep meeting you in dream.
– 27. Dagarer bengwa karkari, O… hoiyhe parānat dharbarhi.
– – The frog is calling repeatedly, My life is restless.
– 28. Tadek urodan jhāk mili, O… Rāghei da na bārach ‘thāk bhilhi’.
– -Parrots flying in flockas, You can’t ask me to stay.
– 29. Chigon chharhāt chigon chei, O… khujhiyhe dāganghar chigon bei,
– -Small coop at small stream, calling you happily small big sister.
– 30. Chharhā-chhurhi bil habha, O… ta hādha pān khilhik hil habha.
– – Ponds will be formed at river and stream, a betel roll from your hand will be tasteful.
– 31.Ijara mādhāt bwaih Chān chāghoi, O.. Dā! Khādhi melhi dwang pān khāghoi.
– Look at the moon sitting on the outer flate form, I did spread the breast cloth, and eat a pān.
– 32. Dhundho bājādhe ta dilhe, O… edhak māghilung na dilhe.
– -You did put a base at preparing tobacco pipe, you did not allow me even after asking many times..
– 33. Jyana ludi nhe sāp habha, O.. ek khep na dilhe pāp habha.
– -The creeper ‘jyana’(giloi) will become a snake, you will gain sin if not allow me at least once.
– 34. Shillhwa kāngārhā kale dhar, Parāne māghile bale dhar.
– -Crabs of boudery stream be caught with machine, If you are so eager, do it by force.
– 35. Shillwa kāngārhā dar garhe, Bale dhatthungyo lach garhe.
– – Crabs of boulder stream are fearful, I feel shy to do it by force.
– 36. Bellye nhighillyon tidhi peik, thabhak bachchyembhi nijhi reit.
– The ‘Tidhi’ birds come out in the vening, I will strike the leaning posts at mid night.
– 37. Nijhi reidot jāgibe, bhābhanā thelhe tui lāmibe.
– – You will wake up at mid night and come down if you bear love for me.
– 38. Mona gharat ne kher bajhi, Mui dha ghuman jeim ber ghājhi.
– -Thatches are separated from paddy grain at jhum hut, I will sleep near the fencing wall.
– 39. Dilhung bhāt jarā gangārhe, malhe maribwang samāre.
– – Offered rice packet to water goddess, if dead is inevitable, will die together.
– 40. Junho pachjhyā ne bhuihāde, Parān da na jurwai tui bāde.
– -It is joyous to walk at the field under moonshine, I don’t feel at rest without you.
– 41. Urer sārāllya āgājhat, bhājhangar pāgollyā sāgarat.
– – The kite is flying in the sky, I am floating like a bamboo pole in the sea..
– 42. Debā Kālāne utture, āh Parān dā.. delhe da swabane chitpure.
– – The blakish clouds are at the north, Oh my life, my burns if I meet you in dream.
– 43.Abelā simei phool bai urwai, O.. kalhe da kadhāni na phurwai.
– – Untimely flowers of Simei is flown by air, If I talk it is endless.
– 44.Junho pachjhyā bhui hāde, Oh parān, Ei duniyāt na deghang tui bāde.
– -Fields are walked under moon shine, I have not seen any one like you in this world.
– 45. Pānhi kheye panhattun, mirga dhei gelha banatthun, oh dā! nitto na jāch kyā manatthun.
– -Clear water is drank, deer went away from the jungle, Oh my brother, why don’t you go away from my mind?
– 46. Bannyā undure tegein bāāi, oh bedu! gachsyang manare egeim sār.
– –The flooding mouses goes through tension beam, Oh big sister, I have resolved my mind for you.
– 47. Chharā dhurungat khāp chajhi, oh dā, khamakkhai habange lāāk pāāpi.
– -Cups are made at stream valley, Oh big brother, we will surely meet one day.
– 48. Dha kābāphirhinghe dha kābe, oh bedu! edhakkyā kālā mānjhyatthei bo yho na dibo ta bābe.
– The green grasshopper makes measurer, Oh big sister your father will not agree your marriage to a black person.
– 49. Twailhyā bājheyhang radangat, dhundo bajheyhang bhadhangat, bhadhanga dhundo tidyā pāāng tar hādha pan khilhik midhyā pāāng.
– -Fixed threads to weave a towel on a ‘Radang’, prepared a tobacco pipe on a bhadhang, smoke from the bhadhang taste bitter, it tastes sweet a betel roll from your hand.
– 50. Udhil brikkh gāch tal chheyā, oh parān, chhāri da na pallyung tar meye.
– – The big tree grew up with shades, Oh big sister, I could not give up your love..
– 51. Heidhe dhābā māllya kāngghet khei, kāmākhāi kwach pelhe rānnyāt jei, o parānda e dukkhyā dhan thwai dyang lāngyattei.
– – The elephant run away chewing bamboo notch, If you love me let us go to abandoned jhum, I have reserved my poor wealth for my lover.
– 52.Jyana ludi sāp haba, Oh Dā! Jachchya bichchyā dhanhān na khelhe pāp habha.
– – ‘|Jyana creeper’ will become a snake, if you don’t utilize thegiven wealth, will earn sin.
– 53. Biji kheyā panjānghi, sengarhi kalhe manbhanghi, luge sunile garibhāk bannāmi.
– -Panjāngi nuts are eaten, if you tell such way openly, people will disgrace us.
– 54. Dhayhā Bhātthun da na chorech, luga bannami na dorech.
– -Donot wash the washed rice, donot give heed to peoples defamation.
– 55. Chigon murijyā natānich, delhe swabane na kānich.
– – Do not pull the small cane, do not cry on seeing in dream.
– 56. Chigon murijyā tānimme, delhe swabane kānimbe.
– -I will pull small canes, will cry seeing you in dream.