Supreme Court dismisses Mizoram’s SLP, Mizoram must not commit contempt of court.

15 July 2019 PRESS RELEASE Supreme Court dismisses Mizoram’s SLP, Mizoram must not commit contempt of court. New Delhi: The All India Chakma Students’ Union (AICSU) has welcomed the Supreme Court’s dismissal of the Special Leave Petition filed by the Government of Mizoram against the judgment of the Guahati High Court in PIL No. 49/2016… Read More

CADC CEM & CDMNF President Rasik Mohan Chakma urges School Education Minister to address teachers shortage in Chakma area schools.

*Kamalanagar, June 02*: CADC CEM & president of Chakma District Mizo National Front (CDMNF) Dg. Rasik Mohan Chakma on 27 May, 2019 wrote to the Minister of School Education, Government of Mizoram apprising him of the acute shortage of teachers in a number of schools particularly in Chakma inhabited areas under Sub-Divisional Education Officer (SDEO)… Read More


Being celebrated on May 18, Buddha Purnima, also known as Buddha Day or Buddha Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha and is celebrated by Buddhists both in the entire world. For the Buddhists, every full moon day is auspicious but the most important one is the full moon in May as all three… Read More

Raja Devasish Roy leaves for home after 5 days of historic trip to Chakma areas of Mizoram.

Kamalanagar, 26 February 2019: His Majesty Raja Devasish Roy, the titular King of the Chakmas, who has set foot in Chakma Autonomous District Council on 22nd February for his historic first visit of the Chakmas of Mizoram has left for home today after a memorable encounter with his fellow community people for 5 days. Chakmas… Read More

Chakma NGO’s Urged the Government of India to amend the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019.

29 January 2019 PRESS RELEASE Over one lakh Chin refugees in Mizoram: Chakma NGOs demand amendment of the CAB, 2019 New Delhi: In a memorandum submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs today, the Chakma NGOs have urged the Government of India to further amend the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 in the forthcoming Budget Session… Read More

Two Chakma Boys were Critically Injured.

Two Chakma boys were critically injured by an artillery shell that fell on their house in the north of Rakhine State’s Maungdaw Township during a fight broke out between Government troops and Arakan Army (AA) on Wednesday 16 January 2019s. Two brothers were idendified as Maung Kyaw Hla, 18, and Maung Kyaw Naing, 12, and… Read More

The Chakma’s of Mizoram are in the state of Imprilment.

“Save Chakma’s of Mizoram from Unethical Administration under the Newly Formed MNF Government”. “If Mizoram is for Mizos, Nagaland is for Nagas, Assam is for Assamese, Punjab is for Punjabis and so on, then India is for whom. Everybody knew it India is a diversified country and there’s none who can say “this is my… Read More


Source MLCSU Facebook, Shillong Date:08/01/19 The M.L.C.S.U,Shillong: The Meghalaya Chakma Student’s Union in collaboration with Meghalaya Chakma Welfare Society is organizing an “Educational Awareness Campaign” to a Chakma Village named Sashi Ranjan Basti, Lumding, Assam, India from 20th – 24th January, 2019. The MLCSU has collected 20 sacks of clothes from the students and families… Read More

MNF Claims Majority in Chakma Autonomous District Council, Mizoram.

*Breaking News* MNF Claims majority in CADC Four MDCs from Indian National Congress in Chakma Autonomous District Council joined MNF Party on the 7th January, 2019. Four Congress MDCs namely Kali Kumar Tongchangya, Amit Kumar Chakma, Buban Kumar Chakma and Mohan Chakma split away from Congress party and thereafter merged with the MNF party making… Read More

“Observation of 3rd Chakma National Day, 2019” by Chakma National Council of India.

#Changma_Din_7_January Changma Din Pala owr Myanmar, Tripura (Kanchanpur, Ailmara aaro nanan jagah) aaro nanan jagat. 14 Century-t Changma gun Mogottun haba hade hade 7 January 1313 tarigot Changma sin pa jeyi aaro dangor gori ro dilak “Aami Baji Aagi”. Jador din palenei jador hospana gojei ejo 7 tarik palei Changma Din. Jador Bhaledi Haamot Ujoo