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Baicherra is an isolated Chakma village in Hilakhandi District of Assam, India which is called Bhaibahenti in Assamese dialect. It is indeed downhearted that still many of us do not know that there is a “Chakma Village” in Hilakhandi District except those who are studying in Shillong and Silchar.Some of us might think that they have been migrated from Bangladesh but no it’s a wrong notion.They have been living there since 1970 by jhum cultivation or shifting cultivation without getting any helps from the Government of Assam but before that they were once living in southern part of Mizoram which we presently called Demagiri or Tlabung in Mizo dialect which is long before Mizoram became statehood.The main reason behind their migration to Assam is nothing but to improves their livelihood as there were no incomes in those days when they were in Mizoram.

There are 73 families in the village which comprises of 400 peoples (205 males and 195 females).

I really feels dejected after observing the situations of the peoples because most of them are illiterate as a result of which many of them are not only facing problems but also still without Birth Certificates, Schedule Tribe Certificates and Electoral Identity Cards which are very essential for a democratic country like India.The village is unelectrified and inaccessible by vehicles as well.They have to walk around half an hour just to get into the main road for getting vehicle to go into another village which is indeed pathetic.

As far as I’m concerned unless there is a helps either from the Tripura or Mizoram Chakma’s their situation will be more darker and darker day by day just like”when we throw a stone on a deep water the stone will go down till the bottom of the water and there is a rare chance of coming up from the bottom of the water”. The only way we can extend our helps either from the Tripura or Mizoram Chakma’s is through our NGO’s only if we are willing to.

I was indeed inclines to set tears after hearing the speech of the VCP of the village that the way his son was toiling hard everyday is not easy task just to attend the school, he needs to walk more that 6-7 kilometers every day (morning and evening)from his village.Do you considers that such a child will be able to concentrates in his studies?. The answer is obviously “No”. Leave about studies think about walking morning and evening which is nearly 12-14 kilometers obviously one will be exhausted after such a long walks.

The main reason why I am posting in social media is nothing but to sensitize others that if not today but one day the peoples of Baicherra will be helped.

It’s my fervent request to all the Chakma NGO’s to organize an “Educational Awareness Campaign” or “Medical Camp” at least once a year in the village so that we can help them in improving their lives.




It was on 20th December, 2017 we started our journey from Shillong for Baicherra (Baibahenti in Assamese), a Chakma village in Hilakhandi district of Assam,India. We three of us (Sachin Chakma, Koshal Chakma and myself) got up early in the morning in such a cold condition then we carried the 15 sacks of clothes to the vehicle for loading it on the roof of the vehicle.It was really horrible the weather was on that day , while carrying sacks of clothes we really experienced the feelings of numbness in our body as there were no one to help us in loading the sacks expect Mr Nibir Chakma.Then after loading our sacks of clothes we headed towards Silchar where we had to stay there for a night and would be accompanied by some of our friends as well from there in the next morning in order to reach our destination. Because it was absolutely a mysterious place for three of us as we had never been there before except four of our friends namely Mr Amar Chakma, Mr Naresh Chakma, Mr Ripon Chakma and Mr Gautam Chakma who would be accompanying us.

We departed from Shillong by 6:30 am in the morning then reached Silchar around 3:30 pm in the evening. After we reached there we called our friends to come and extend their physical helps in unloading the sacks from the vehicle and to carry it to anyone of their houses for a night.

On next day, that was on Tuesday, I, along with one of my friend who would be accompanying us went to the embarkment which is in Medical Road , to hire a vehicle for dropping us till our destination. After a couple of minutes of our negotiation over the vehicle fare’s we loaded our sacks of clothes on the vehicle then set out around 7:30 am towards our destination which is called Bhaicherra in Chakma dialects. It was indeed an exciting journey to travel to an unknown place with our friends.I will really never forget on this very day.

After a tremendous hours of travelling finally we reached the point of our destination from where we had to go on foot for more than half an hour in order to reach there as the village is inaccessible by vehicle.We unload the sacks from the vehicle and waited for some people from the village who would be coming to the point for carrying the sacks by loading on their back. Finally we all of us started walking by foot in a queue along with the peoples who came to receive us by loading the sacks on our back and reached our destination.


We went there for a four days schedules and our first agenda was to performs a religious ceremony on the first day with the peoples of the village , secondly to organized sports for the Children’s and youths of the village and thirdly to distributes the clothes and the study materials that we carried for the peoples and children’s then on the fourth day to set out for or back Silchar