A quotation of H.H. Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche.

When Shakyamuni Buddha was alive, a venerable bodhisattva renounced samsara under the guidance of Bhikshu Mahanaman, one of the Buddha’s five earliest disciples. Later, when this bodhisattva met Bhikshu Mahanaman together with the Buddha, he first prostrated before his teacher before prostrating before Shakyamuni Buddha. Upon seeing this, the Buddha commended him profusely and said,… Read More


Being celebrated on May 18, Buddha Purnima, also known as Buddha Day or Buddha Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha and is celebrated by Buddhists both in the entire world. For the Buddhists, every full moon day is auspicious but the most important one is the full moon in May as all three… Read More