——Hatred do not Cease through hatreds, through love alone they cease.

“By Gautama Buddha”


1. He who practises “Metta” sleeps happily. As he goes to sleep with light heart free from hatred he naturally falls asleep at once. This fact is clearly demonstrated by those who are full of living – kindness. They are fast asleep immediately on closing their eyes.

2. As he goes to sleep with loving heart he awakes with an equally loving heart. Benevolent and compassionate persons often rise from bed with smiling faces.

3. Even in sleep loving persons are not perturbed by bad dreams. As they are full of love during their working hours, they are peaceful in their sleeping hours too. Either they fall into deep sleep or have pleasant dreams.

4. He becomes dear to human beings. As he loves others, so do others love him. When a persons looks at a mirror with a smiling face, a similar face will greet him. If on the contrary, he looks with a wry face, he will see a similar reflections. The outside world reacts on one in the same way that one acts towards the world. One full of faults himself is apt to see the evils in others.

5. He who practises Metta is dear to non-humans as well. Animals are also attracted to him. Radiating their loving-kindness, ascetics live in wild forests amidst ferocious beasts without being harmed by them.

6. Owning to his power of Metta he becomes immune from poison and so forth unless he is subject to some inexorable Kamma. As Metta is a constructive healthy force it has the power to counteract hostile influence.

7. Invisible deities protect him because of the power of his Metta.

8. Metta leads to quick mental concentration. As the mind is not perturbed by hostile vibrations one-pointedness can be gained with ease. With peace at mind he will live in a heaven of his own creation. Even those who comes in contact with him will also experience that bliss.

9. Metta tends to beautify one’s facial expressions. The face as a rule reflects the state of the mind. When one gets angry, the heart pumps blood twice or thrice faster than the normal rate. Heated blood rushes up to the face, which then turn red or black. At times the face becomes repulsive to sight. Loving thoughts on the contrary, gladden the heart and clarify the blood. The face then presents a lovable appearance.

10. A person imbued with Metta dies peacefully as he harbours no thoughts of hatred towards any. Even after death his serene face reflects his peaceful death.

11. Since a person with Metta dies happily, he will subsequently be born in a blissful state. If he has gained the Jhanas (ecstasies), he will be born in a Brahma realm.

*** There is no proper English equivalent for this graceful Pali term “Metta”. Goodwill, loving-kindness , benevolence and universal love are suggested as the best rendering.

*** Metta means a sincere wish for the welfare and genuine happiness of all living beings without exception.

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