1. Taking delight in having money and material possessions.
  2. Being disappointed, upset, angry when we lose possessions or don’t get them.
  3. Feeling delighted when people praise us and approve of us and tell us how wonderful we are.
  4. Feeling very upset and dejected when they criticize us and disapprove of us—even if they are telling us the truth!
  5. Feeling delighted when we have a good reputation and a good image.
  6. Being dejected and upset when we have a bad reputation.
  7. Feeling delighted when we experience sense pleasures—fantastic sights, sounds, odors, tastes and tactile sensations.
  8. Feeling dejected and upset when we have unpleasant sensations.

To give up these eight worldly concerns and focus on becoming enlightened is what it means to be a spiritual person. These days, the word ‘spiritual’ gets thrown around quiet a bit and has lost all meaning, but in ancient India there was a clear dividing line between a worldly person a spiritual person, and it revolves around what you give up and what you are trying to attain. Of course, you can try and be loving, kind and wise in your worldly life, but that is trying to have your cake and eat it too and has limited effects.

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