Two Chakma boys were critically injured by an artillery shell that fell on their house in the north of Rakhine State’s Maungdaw Township during a fight broke out between Government troops and Arakan Army (AA) on Wednesday 16 January 2019s. Two brothers were idendified as Maung Kyaw Hla, 18, and Maung Kyaw Naing, 12, and sent to Maungdaw Hospital to be treated for their wounds. One boy was hit in the right side of the head and other on his left shoulder.Since fighting broke out between Government troops and AA in Rakhine state, mostly Chakma (Daingnet) ethnic minorities are victims of lost lives and properties. Myanmar Chakma Student’s Forum (MCSF) has confirmed that at least two Myanmar Chakma police men died on counter attacking of AA at Myanmar police checkposts. And at least three houses were totally burned down on the hit of gunbulets and artillery shell in Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State, Myanmar.

The local residents of Maungdaw Township complained us that they are also receiving death threatening sometime from AA side for several times. An anonymous told us over the phone call conversation “Daignet and Mro ethnic should be killed after Myanmar Army”. However, we are not afraid of their death threaten because we are not in the wrong position to be killed so far. Nevertheless, Myanmar Chakma people always want to live peaceful and harmony with all communities without any discrimination among race, religion, and gender.

We urge all communities to come up with right solution through political conversation of righteous understanding and forgiveness each others. We believe, this is the only way to end the bloody war in the State. And It’s time to establish our development, prosperity, peace and harmony together all communities in the sense of human beings of this State. No one can bring development, prosperity, peace and harmony for us from outside the country, only we can do it by ourselves with right understanding each others.

Source: Myanmar Chakma Student’s Forum

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