“Save Chakma’s of Mizoram from Unethical Administration under the Newly Formed MNF Government”.

“If Mizoram is for Mizos, Nagaland is for Nagas, Assam is for Assamese, Punjab is for Punjabis and so on, then India is for whom. Everybody knew it India is a diversified country and there’s none who can say “this is my district, this is my state or this is my country” because a state or country is not belong to a particular tribe or community only”.

The Chakma’s of Mizoram are living in their territory since immemorial which is very apparent geographically and if we go back into history as well but the situations of the Chakma’s of Mizoram since a long times has been like a fish out of water in its own territory due to frequent tribulations, harassment and intimidations from the Mizo NGO’s. Sometimes it takes me into deeper that what have we done in our previous birth that we are always treated in such a way that as if we committed murder, stole money or kidnapped someone’s relatives.

On 10.1.2019, a team of four youths identifying themselves to be from the Mizo Students Union (MSU) visited the Tuichawngchhuah village, sub-division – Tlabung, District- Lunglei, State- Mizoram, India and ordered the demolition of one under-construction house belonging to Puspo Ranjan Chakma, son of Ranga Soga Chakma and the villagers were asked to pull down the bamboos of the under-construction house which is really pathetic.

The village of Tuichawngchhauh has been in existence for more than 40 years. At present there are 49 Chakma families. The villagers have been receiving all sorts of facilities from the Government since 1977 including Garden Passes, financial assistance for sustainable livelihood under New Land Use Policy (NLUP) programme since 1991, a primary school under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) was set up in 2004, electricity since 2012 etc. Further, as citizens of India the villagers are enrolled in the Electoral Rolls of Mizoram and they have been issued Ration Cards, and job cards under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), among others. So, there is no question of them being illegal settlers or the village being illegal settlement.

Why such types of inhumane acts are carried out upon the Chakma’s in the State?. Are they afraid of us or not educated enough to comprehend that we are Indian?. Are we not human beings that we are treated in an unusual way?. Do they lack cognitive dissonance in demographic informations that they termed us as “Unwanted Guests or Refugees”?. I have seen in every general knowledge that Mizoram is one of the most educated and peaceful state in India. But as far as I’m concerned I do not agree with this because if Mizoram is an educated and peaceful state, do you think that we will be harassed, intimidated or tortured like an animals?.The answer is obviously “No”.The main reasons for their harassment is nothing but on the ground of ethnicity and religion which is strictly prohibited by the Constitution of India under Article 15 (Part-III) and scared of us as well because year after years there has been few Chakma students who are coming out with flying colours by clearing NEET exam. But it’s indeed downhearted that even after clearing the entrance some of them still do not get admission due to discrimination or communal feelings. In other words I can states that Chakma’s are more intelligent and talented than the Mizos in every spheres of life as a result of which they are with a motive to exile us from the State. Their behaviour towards us reveals that we are not human beings and not pertain to the State as well. But we the Chakma’s aren’t afraid of such type of intimidations and harassments as we are always based on laws unlike the Mizo NGO’s.

Mizoram is the only state in India where the minorities (Chakma’s, Non-tribals and Reangs) are harassed, intimidated and tortured like the way the Black Peoples/ Negro’s were once a time. The Government of Mizoram should look into these problems that are being faced by the minorities in the state especially Chakma’s and Reang . All those problems that they let us encounter clearly reveals that the types of traits the Mizo NGO’s have. Remember “a bad name is better than a bad deeds”.The acts they carry out in the State are widely circulated in social media which is seen, heard and observed by million and millions of peoples all over the world. If they let us encounter or face the problems they are the one who is bringing disgrace in their Community and in the State as well.

Now the time has comes for all the political leaders and intellectuals of CADC to come together with multi-ideas irrespective of political differentiation and synthesize it into a single ideas in handling the situations of the Chakma’s of Mizoram. If an appropriate steps are not taken at this stage we will be encountering the same problems in the days to come as well. An effective leader is one who is not afraid of confronting the obstacles no matter how jeopardize or invulnerable the situation is.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the situation of the Chakma’s of Mizoram are not in the state of sereneness due to frequent intimidations and harassments from the Mizo NGO’s. We shouldn’t let the savage encounter us the obstacles in our day-to-day life by being united and revolt against the government for it’s excruciations and harassments on us.

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