‘Civor’ is a “robe”, dana means “offerings” therefore the very word “Chivor Dana” means offerings of robe to the monks by the laymen.
We humans are social animals, cloth is one of the basic necessity in our daily lives. we have shy and fear because we have human intelligence, we can’t live naked like animals, Cloth is very important for protection and comfort.
• We need clothes to hide our dirty parts of our body.
• We require clothes to protect ourselves from insects.
• We need clothes to save ourselves from weather like cold, hot, etc.


👉Merits of Katina Civor Daan are as follows:-
I) Sangha(bhikkhus) are the virtuous people who renounce the world and walk on the true path which was shown by the Buddha, to offer them Civor is one of greatest conduct. They teach us, practise and protect the Dhamma by wearing those civors.
II) Vaishaki was the first woman who had donated civors(robes) to about 1,000 monks and nuns during the era of the Buddha. She made those civors from cottons to clothes by own hands. She had offered ‘kaal Daan'(Offering in times) and got countless merits that helped her for ultimate freedom. We celebrate the Katina ceremony for remembering her contributions in Dhamma and we practise it for accumulating highest merits.
III) As we are buddhists, Katina Civora Dana festival is one of the most important festival of chakmas. We gather at a suitable Dhamma place from different regions to contribute to Dhamma unitedly for the benefits of individual and all sentient beings.
IV) Women make, weave and finish civors within a night. They make it in groups by wearing colorful traditional dress ‘Rangi Hadi, silum(blouse) and Hala pinon’ where 5-6 women weave in each group for a Civor. This shows team work and our strength where they make impossible work into possible, they complete the robe within 12 hours which takes place more than 15 days if they weave it lonely.
V) We listen to Dhamma from venerable bhikkhus ( Sangha) that helps us understand the meaning and purposes of the life, to have morality, be charitable and wise in everyday lives for eradicating all our sufferings.
Hence, the Katina Civora Dana is crucial significance in buddhism.
—Thanking with the Dhamma .

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