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MNF Claims majority in CADC

Four MDCs from Indian National Congress in Chakma Autonomous District Council joined MNF Party on the 7th January, 2019. Four Congress MDCs namely Kali Kumar Tongchangya, Amit Kumar Chakma, Buban Kumar Chakma and Mohan Chakma split away from Congress party and thereafter merged with the MNF party making the strength of MNF Party to 11 (eleven) members in the 19 members house.

Consequent upon such political development in CADC, Rasik Mohan Chakma, MDC and Leader, MNF Legislature Party in the council has submitted letter to the Secretary, District Council & Minority Affairs Department, Govt. Of Mizoram claiming majority for formation of government in the council.

Presently the Chakma Autonomous District Council is constituted with 20 elected seat. In the general election held on 20th April, 2018 MNF emerged single largest party by winning 8 seats, Congress 7 seats and BJP 5 seats. However, impossible happened in CADC as the Congress forged an alliance with BJP for formation of government under the leadership of Shanti Jiban Chakma, a BJP Member in the council. Thereafter one member from MNF party expired and presently total member in the council is 19 only.

On withdrawing the support by the 7 Congress MDCs on 29th October, 2018 the BJP led Government became minority. Despite loosing majority support, strangely Shri Shanti Jiban Chakma was allowed to run the government in CADC for last four months which is unfortunate said Rasik Mohan Chakma in a statement. The MNF party feels that Shri Shanti Jiban Chakma should resign immediately from CEMship on moral ground.

Issued by: MNF District Headquarters: Kamalanagar

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